simple indian food recipes for lunch /tamil lunch menu

simple indian food recipes for lunch /tamil lunch menu

simple indian (south) food recipes for lunch /tamil lunch menu

SouthIndian meal/TamilNadu lunchA Typical Tamil Lunch is a well-organized lists of menu to go with the main South Indian staple “rice” and serving food in banana leaf is a special custom in most of the southern states like Karnataka,kerala and Andhra.As a South-Indian am more used to this type of “Thali valai illai sappadu”(banana leaf lunch)whether it’s a simple function at home or a grand marriage the foods served in banana leaf is a must.The broader portion of the leaf should be on the right hand side and after placing the leaf it is sprinkled with water and cleaned before serving.After finishing the meal we should close the leaf from top end closed over the bottom and this signifies that you have enjoyed the full meal but never close the leaf from bottom over the top it shows a kind of disrespect both to the food and people who have cooked it and served. SouthIndian meal/TamilNadu lunchThose days we will not use chairs and tables we use to sit on a coir mat spread on the floor and the grand meal will be  served on those greeny leaves.Our ancestors set everything with a reason  like eating on the floor  we use to bend and have food with our hands so that we have better digestion and flexibility.Banana leaves are disposable easy clean job and its eco-friendly too that’s the reason why our predecessors used it without any choices because no plastics or any material plates were available at that time which were added advantage to them to be healthy but nowadays we have lots of options and our health has become more risky and weak.Uses of banana leaves are limitless not only for serving food but in different forms of cooking.The hot food served in a banana leaf is more beneficial that it grabs all the nutrients from the leaf making the food even more tasty.

SouthIndian meal/TamilNadu lunch

simple indian food recipes for lunch /tamil lunch menu

 A typical lunch menu is in an order that we will first have a simple dal with ghee then comes the sambar, kootu,rasam,curd (or mor) will be the true order usually ending with a sweet and a banana!Then and there licking the pickle for extra punch of course poriyal(stir fry) and dry fries,applams are added to the servings.This is said to be a hearty meal fulfilling the mind and soul.In our place we have our sweets served first with banana and a common sweet served is sweet boondi(using besan)and many would eat boondi separately and few will mix it with ripe banana and eat with a good dollop of ghee in it,then the rice servings starts as usual.For me I like this boondi banana mixture very much in my childhood days but not much these days I love it to have separately.Karakulambu is also served along with this menu as I did both mor kulambu and kootu didn’t add this to my menu.

SouthIndian meal/TamilNadu lunch

1. Simple dal /uppu paruppu

2. Seppankizhangu/arbi fry

3. Vendakkai/Ladysfinger poriyal

4. Mullangi/Radish sambar

5. Mor/buttermilk kuzhambu

6. Cabbage kootu

7. Simple rasam

8 .Ulundhu vadai

9. Pasi paruppu payasam

These are served along with pickle,banana,appalam,curd,little salt and rice

At the end note to this perfect meal the guests will be served with betel leaves smeared with some slaked lime(sunnambu) and areca nuts(pakku).
Here I have given possible lists of items for a tamil lunch menu with links I hope will be useful and enjoy the padayal/sappadu/meal.


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  1. jayashree

    Lovely platter Vani , I feel the karnataka and tamil cuisine is almost similar, though there may be a slight variation of spices. Wonderful recipes

  2. Alka

    Truly a lovely insight into the world of Tamilnadu Lunch. Your website is a neatly maintained one loaded with vital information.

  3. padma

    Splendid array of traditional dishes…looks so yummy and divine when served on a banana leaf…Lovely share dear:)


    What a lovely collection !! love each recipe to the core !!wonderfull share Vaani 🙂

  5. Piyali

    Vani my dear, I am super elated and super proud of you for putting forth this gorgeous lunch spread. Oh I am drooling at each of them. Kudos to your perfection, kudos to your food photography, kudos to your eye for detail, this post is truly an outstanding post. I have gone through each of the dishes and love them totally for their tradition and wholesomeness. Thank you for taking us through the rich Tamil Nadu cuisine. I am in awe of this post.

  6. Anupama

    Splendid array of dishes. As Jayashree says, I too feel there are many similarities to Karnataka cuisine and the manner of serving. Which makes me love your post all the more! Beautifully explained. I could feel the reverence you have for your cuisine.thanks for sharing Vani.this is virundhu not simple by any means as your friend has suggested.:)

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