recipe for sweets indian / festive sweets

recipe for sweets indian / festive sweets

recipe for sweets indian / festive sweets

sweetsFestivals are unforgettable occasions practiced from our ancient times representing happy mood and in that mood we never miss to celebrate it with sweets.Festivals may be religious,cultural or may be community oriented but it has a deeper significance that is passed from previous to present generations which makes our life colourful and interesting.It may be for a marriage,a house-warming ceremony or for a child’s birth we never miss to celebrate and serve it with sweets.Sweets plays a predominant role in all festivals like Diwali,pongal,ramzan,christmas and more importantly we exchange sweets and snacks during these occasions which brings unity in spite of diverse cultures.For kids it’s a total enjoyment and pleasure that they can wear new dresses and relish different kinds of sweets at one go and more over they happily meet friends,relatives and neighbors and spend their time joyfully playing with the near and dear ones.As a sweet-mad person I still have a great desire to enjoy mammoth varieties of sweets that are unloaded in our houses as gifts and sharing from our friends added up with sweets and savories that we make at our own home.Preparations for Diwali festival especially preparing sweets and savories begins before a week or even earlier in full swing and from that day itself festive mood is struck in the minds of people happily thinking and planning to make the occasion successful and memorable.Here is the list of some important sweets made during festivals.

recipe for sweets indian / festive sweets


1. Gulab Jamun
cooking gulab jamun with khoyaYet another dessert that I love to make and enjoy!!yes!my total family have great fondness for it.I made it from homemade khova which I think..Read more
2. Adhirasam



my grandma (maternal mother) use to make this adhirasam sweet in an authentic way.she used to wrap the vessel with adhirasam in mallu thuni...Read more
3. Badhusha recipe
making of bhadusha sweetThis disc shaped sweet have won every Indian’s heart by its distinct taste and aroma. Flakiness and softness add a special uniqueness to this awesome sweet…Read more
4. Mysore pak
mysore pak sweet recipeDuring my school-age I never had a great appreciation for this sweet even though am crazy about sweets.But,now as a passionate cook I never miss …Read more
5.Rava kesari
rava kesari sweet /marudhuskitchen
Amidst many complicated sweet varieties rava kesari is a very simple humble sweet not only to make but its a sweet that is equally worth in taste….Read more



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  1. Piyali Mutha

    This is one of the most delectable collection of sweets that I have ever come across. Oh what an indulgence it was for my senses. I have a severe sweet tooth and can savour all your sweets without sharing. I think each one is a favourite here. The pampering of my senses continues with your wonderful post my dearest Vani.

  2. shubha

    Wonderful collection dear Vani.. loved it.. my fav pic would be Mysore pak.. I have been wanting to make since such a long time.. Will try soon:)

  3. Anu-My Ginger Garlic Kitchen

    What an awesome collection of deliocus sweet recipes. Everything I see here is AH-MAZING! 🙂

  4. padma

    What a splendid array of sweet delicacies…totally yummy..each one in its own way….of which jamun stands out as my first pick, though I can savour all of them!!!..Simply superb!!

  5. Pista Kalakand / Pistachio Cottage Cheese Milk Cake | simplyvegetarian777

  6. Traditional Boondi Laddoo - Masalakorb

  7. Shailja

    Love your collection of traditional Indian sweets .. Mysore Pak is my favorite and yours looks just perfect….

  8. Nidhi

    what a lovely collection Vani. I also love to eat sweets and can sometimes leave my kids behind in eating them.
    Gulab Jamun and Mysore Pak are sooo drool worthy 🙂

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