How to make adhirasam sweet /Diwali special adhirasam

How to make adhirasam sweet /Diwali special adhirasam

    How to make adhirasam sweet /Diwali special

How to make adhirasam sweet /Diwali special adhirasam

my grandma (maternal mother) use to make this adhirasam sweet in an authentic way.she used to wrap the vessel with adhirasam  in mallu thuni and hang it  for  even 10 days before frying it.In those days they grind it manually and its taste was incomparable.Am  making adhirasam sweet recipe after one year or so, but it turned out very well .My adhirasam sweet recipe is crunchy outside and soft inside.For best results rest the dough for two or three days before frying it.

How to make adhirasam sweet /Diwali special adhirasamThis is a  Diwali special sweet that no body can resist when they start eating.It can be kept outside at room temperature ,no need to keep in fridge if you are using within one week. Here I have kept the dough outside,  at room temperature  for more than three days and fried it  on the fourth day and it tasted out of  this world.Now let see how to make adhirasam sweet. Don’t hesitate to make this adhirasam sweet when it turns out good you will never regret.

How to make adhirasam sweet /Diwali special adhirasam

How to make adhirasam

Cook Time30 mins


  • Raw rice - 11/4 cup
  • Jagger y - 1 cup
  • cardamom powder -1 tsp
  • ginger or sukku powder - 1/4 tsp
  • water - as needed
  • Ghee - a little


  • soak rice for two hours then dry in shade.
  • make a powder with some wetness left in it.
  • Heat up the jaggery and let it boil.
  • filter the impurities and again boil.
  • till it reaches soft ball consistency(can gather with hands) consistency.
  • now add this syrup to the mixture along with other ingredients.
  • The dough should be like this(loose but thick).
  • After three days of resting I have pressed between polythene sheets and fried.


You can add sesame seeds to the dough.
The dough can be kept for 1 -2 months in the refrigerator and can be used.
when the dough is little watery you can add some rice flour to correct it.
when the dough is too tight you can add boiled water and some sugar dissolved in it.


Comments (11)

  1. Meera Rao

    Great! This is a traditional sweet which needs a lot of expertise. The photo reminded me of the adhirasam prepared by my granny. Really mouthwatering, indeed. Tanq for the posting. Keep continuing the good job.

  2. DeepaSuresh

    This looks very nice but this is the one I hesitate to do as I heard if the patham is not correct it would be messy yours looks great and definitely I will try.

  3. Sandhya Ramakrishnan

    So crispy and delicious! I love athirsam, but never braved to make it myself…Should try making it sometime soon 🙂

  4. gs

    Hi. Could you please tell me why do we need to rest the batter for 3 days? & do we keep it in fridge for 3 days.? Becouse the outside high temperature might affect it.
    Actually this recipe is entirely new to me & I just to be clear about few things before I try it.please do reply.Thanks

    1. vani padmanaban


      Its for the reason that the batter taste enhances better when days passes.You can keep in fridge if you fear.

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