recipe for nimki /Bengali savoury snack

recipe for nimki /Bengali savoury snack

recipe for nimki /Bengali savoury snack

recipe for nimki /Bengali savoury snackThe pleasure of Bengali cuisine is its subtle difference in taste got from dominance of mustard oil and the paanch phoran!these two makes all the trick to make it as a special type of fare to die for and making me always longing to travel more through this cuisine.This time I thought of trying some easy snack from Bengali cuisine and discovered one item that is very close to namak-para but not the same!in the sense its shape and ingredients(slightly) are different and a very interesting delectable snack recipe for nimki /Bengali savoury snackthat we can comfortingly store it for many days.This recipe for nimki is mostly done during durga poja time and stored in airtight containers to serve as evening tea time snack.Usually for namak para it is cut into diamonds and fried but for the proper authentic recipe for nimki its folded to diamond shape!thats the specialty of this nimki recipe.While frying don’t fry it in very hot oil bring down the flame to medium low and fry otherwise insides will not cook and outside alone will be crisp.Adding chat masala gives nice flavour to this dish.

recipe for nimki /Bengali savoury snack



All purpose flour/maida – 1 cup
Salt to taste
Ghee – 2-3 tbsp
Jeera /cumin(or ajwain) – 1 tsp
Some ghee for smearing the dough
Chat masala powder – 2 tbsp(to spread over the dough)
Oil for frying


1.In a large bowl add maida,salt,jeera and ghee mix well till like bread crumbs.
2.Now add needed water and form a stiff dough keep it covered for 30 minutes.
3.Now take small part of dough roll in circular shape smear it with little ghee and sprinkle chat masala over it.
4.Then fold it into half then again smear with ghee and sprinkle chat masala then fold it to make triangle.
5.In same way use up all the dough and prick the triangles with fork.
6.Heat up oil and when it heats up bring heat to medium low for frying.
7.Fry till golden and crisp take out and store in airtight container to enjoy as an evening tea time snack.



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  1. sathya@mykitchenodyssey

    This is such a delicious snack dear.After seeing I became hungry again. I am conducting a sandwich maker giveaway in the blog.WOuld be happy if you join.Thanks

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  3. Piyali

    Truly truly amazing looking Nimkis. How beautifully and so perfectly you have executed the whole thing. So so proud of you dear, that inspite of being new to this cuisine, you have put up a winner of a recipe. The nimkis are delectable and are urging me to dive in right away.

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