karachi bombay halwa /corn flour halwa recipe

karachi bombay halwa /corn flour halwa recipe

karachi bombay halwa /corn flour halwa recipe

karachi bombay halwa /corn flour halwa recipeBombay karachi halwa is a very attractive easy sweet to try this Diwali.This karachi bombay halwa has become a popular sweet not only because of its vibrant colour but the taste is also one of the genuine reasons. Whenever we use edible colours for food we will be little worried but once in a while in little amounts is not at all a matter I think. Most importantly adding colours becomes mandatory in some recipes without which that particular dish may become less interesting. If you are not interested in adding artificial colours then you can add natural colour re-placers like karachi bombay halwa /corn flour halwa recipebeetroot extract and even turmeric. I read somewhere that this halwa was once made by soaking the maida dough and the squeezed milk from the dough was used to make this halwa. This is the first time Iam making this halwa although I have tasted it many times in sweet-shops. This sweet should be stirred carefully without any lumps. I have added only cashew nuts here but you can add badam,pista or any seeds like melon seeds after roasting. I have used a thick bottomed aluminium kadai but you can use a non-stick kadai! it will be very easy.


karachi bombay halwa /corn flour halwa recipe



Corn flour /Sozha maavu – 1/2 cup
Sugar – 1 cup
Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp
Lemon juice – few drops
Ghee – 1/4 cup
Broken cashew nuts – 2-3 tbsp
Any preferred colour can be added



karachi bombay halwa /corn flour halwa recipekarachi bombay halwa /corn flour halwa recipe1.In a cup take corn flour add 1 cup water little at a time and make a slurry without lumps and to that add required colour mix well and keep ready.

karachi bombay halwa /corn flour halwa recipe2.Keep a thick bottomed kadai with sugar and 1/2 cup of water or till sugar is immersed in water.

karachi bombay halwa /corn flour halwa recipe3.Let it boil for 2-3 minutes after the sugar has dissolved.
4.If you find sugar has impurities do filter them,again bring to boil and add one or two drops of lemon juice .

karachi bombay halwa /corn flour halwa recipe5.Now once again stir the cornflour mixture well before poring into boiling sugar.
6.When pouring corn flour you should sim the flame and add it slowly with constant stirring.

karachi bombay halwa /corn flour halwa recipe7.At one stage the mixture will thicken and now you can start adding ghee little by little.

karachi bombay halwa /corn flour halwa recipe8.In the next stage the contents will start rolling by leaving the sides,at this stage add cardamom powder and broken cashews and mix well.

9.When all contents rolls like a ball transfer into already greased tray and let it cool.
10.After it cools cut into preferred shapes.


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