fast and easy food recipes to make for navratri

fast and easy food recipes to make for navratri

Divinity takes its peak significance with all its power during these angelic nine days called by the name Navratri! a most widely accepted practice in India.Goddesses Durga,Lakshmi and Sarasvathi are worshiped in a particular order and mainly without keeping kolu(golu) this festival becomes incomplete in the southern parts of India.For kolu(steps in odd numbers to arrange dolls) apart from idols and dolls arrangement the real excitement comes when we see various scene setting (from ones own imagination)it brings before us the actual story of that particular set up which proves the great imaginative creative minds among the women folks.Friends and relatives are invited for this kolu function all-through these days.Mainly married,unmarried and children’s are invited for this function and they chant mantras and even some bhajans are sung with full josh then the guests are served with sweets,sundals or some snacks and at end they are offered with some small gifts as a memorable take away.

fast and easy food recipes to make for navratri

sweet recipe with milk/paal halwa/milk halwabeetroot halwa with milk/beetroot halwa

rava/rawa laddu recipesweet corn sundal(stirfry)

milkmaid coconut ladoos/Thengai ladookollu sundal/horse gram kulthi sundal

dates ladoo/dates and nuts(dryfruits)ladoosouth indian ulundu vadai recipe/medu vadai





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