thalipeeth maharashtrian recipe /healthy and quick breakfast

thalipeeth maharashtrian recipe /healthy and quick breakfast

thalipeeth maharashtrian recipe /healthy and quick breakfast

thalipeeth maharashtrian recipeWhen looking up the ingredients for thalipeeth it just reminds me of the word “Sathumavu”(multigrain flour)we use in Southern states especially here in Tamilnadu.I have used an instant method for doing this thalipeeth(thalipeeth maharashtrian recipe) just by mixing the combination of flours.Its traditionally made by dry roasting grains and lentils then powdering it and this flour mix is commonly called as bhajani flour.Sathumavu basically is a bit different that we add nuts with much more varieties of grains and pulses thalipeeth maharashtrian recipeincluded!usually each home has its own variations here.For Bhajini mixture too the flour combinations vary but with no compromise in taste.Its really kind of powerful breakfast that fills your stomach that you can be free without any craving for food for long hours.Its served hot with a simple curd or a pickle and that’s the simplicity of this recipe filled with all the nutritional goodness.I have not used ragi flour if you want you can add with this four flour mixture making it five,sure will be delicious.Even urad dhal is roasted and made into flour to make aromatic thalipeeths.

thalipeeth maharashtrian recipe /healthy and quick breakfast



Wheat flour – 1 cup
Jowar flour/vellai cholam – 1/2 cup
Chick pea flour/kadalai mavu – 1/2 cup
Rice flour – 1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Chilli powder – 1tsp
Chopped onions – 1/2 cup
Some chopped coriander leaves
Green chillies – 1(chopped)
Oil for making roti
sesame seeds/ellu -11/2 tsp


1.Take all above ingredients in a bowl add needed water and mix to form a loose dough.
2.Leave it for 15 minutes.

3.Then heat a dosa pan take little balls and pat the dough to circular shapes by wetting the hands in water now and then or you can use a polythene sheet to pat the dough and then transfer it to hot pan(like shown above).
4.Put a hole in the middle.
5.Put oil all over the roti and when one side is golden,flip and cook the other side the same way(don’t keep the heat very high adjust and cook accordingly)(cook well in medium flame such that there should be no rawness from flours as we are adding them as such)
6.Take out serve hot with a simple curd or your favorite pickle.


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