stir fry cabbage /south indian style cabbage(muttaikose)poriyal

stir fry cabbage /south indian style cabbage(muttaikose)poriyal

stir fry cabbage /south indian style cabbage(muttaikose)poriyal

stir fry cabbage /south indian style cabbage(muttaikose)poriyalYou might think it’s not so big kind of recipe to share as it’s a daily happening item at every South Indian homes but this mention of this post is as-usual for the unknown people who are actually beginners in cooking.The presence of Poriyal is an absolute necessity for a complete SouthIndian lunch menu serving as a best accompaniment for sambar and even for simple rasams.In a whole the one name poriyal is so needed throught  SouthIndia called with different names as Thoran in Kerala stir fry cabbage /south indian style cabbage(muttaikose)poriyaland Palya in Karnataka.I like my cabbage (stir fry cabbage) to be little crunchy in taste and if it’s cooked soft my taste-buds don’t accept the very taste of it personally.For this poriyal with cabbage even other veggies can be combined till now I have tried it with carrots and peas combinations it tasted very good and of-course when peas are in season you can add it to this poriyal.While cooking moong dhal cook it just right and don’t over cook it and instead of green chillies you can add redchillies it will be equally good.You can cook this without adding moong dal too its optional.


stir fry cabbage /south indian style cabbage(muttaikose)poriyal



Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
Oil – 1 tsp
Moong dal/pasiparuppu – 2-3 tbsp
Green chillies – 2-3(slit)
Some curry leaves
Cabbage /muttaikose – 1 cup(chopped)
Salt to taste
Grated coconut – 2-3 tbsp


1.First boil dal with needed water and should not be cooked till mushy(when cooked keep this ready).
2.Keep everything ready and keep a kadai add oil.
3.When oil is hot add kadugu and when it crackles add green chillies and some curry leaves.
4.Then add chopped cabbage stir in nicely by adding necessary salt till rawness goes.
5.Sprinkle some water and cook till vegetable is cooked completely without any water(little crunchiness not too soft).
6.Now add dal and coconut to it stir it nicely and switch off.




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  1. Piyali

    Yummmmy, simple, wholesome and just too good. Love these heart warming dishes in your blog. They are enveloped with the love that they are cooked with.

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