How to make adhirasam sweet /Diwali special adhirasam

    How to make adhirasam sweet /Diwali special my grandma (maternal mother) use to make this adhirasam sweet in an authentic way.she used to wrap the vessel with adhirasam  in mallu thuni and hang it  for  even 10 days before frying it.In those days they grind it manually and its taste was incomparable.Am  making adhirasam sweet...

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Ribbonpakoda with pottukadalai /ottu pakoda – Diwali spl

Ribbon pakoda with pottukadalai  /ottu pakoda- Diwali special For ribbon pakoda with pottukadalai  I have used rice flour and pottukadalai mavu.The amount of  pottukadalai mavu can be replaced with kadalaimavu.There are many options and variations of  ribbon pakoda that can be done . we can soak rice and grind the rice instead of using rice flour.pottukadalai mavu...

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