Saffroind – product review

Saffroind – product review

Saffroind – product review

saffronThe most indispensable ingredient in Indian cuisine is saffron!a very little dash of this compelling saffron makes even an ordinary dish to extraordinary.I always love to add this in most of my desserts for its seducing color and most promising aroma.Only the stigma from the violet saffron flower is the valuable ingredient that is used,these stigma’s are not for only cooking but it has many medicinal and nutritional properties.It is the most costliest spices because it yields only three stigma from each flower so we can imagine what kind of labour it would take to produce this valuable spice.

saffronIt is something special that I feel privileged to introduce to you the finest brand of saffron which is widely used in cuisines,sweets,medicines,cosmetics,beauty products and at temples.It is the saffroind brand”packed for quality” and “packed for purity”. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India that has been established under the Food Safety and Standards Act has approved this product and ensured that it is the best quality product.

saffronWe can use saffron in our day-today diet to get its maximum health benefits we can prepare milk with few strands of saffron with added sugar and this can be given to the growing children instead of giving as simple regular milk it helps to maintain the body health and its very good for our skin too.Among the lots of offers I get to review their products this particular saffron brand has attracted me to do a review for them and after using their saffron I was really influenced and satisfied to share it with my readers so that my blog would be a platform to publicize this valuable ingredient.Its 100% organic and Grade-A product according to the company.

(Disclaimer : Its my own review on the product and please feel free to decide it on your own choice)


Saffron milk recipe :


milk – 1 cup
Sugar as per taste
saffron strands – few


Boil milk in a pan add saffron to it.
Switch off add sugar,stir well and serve it hot or refrigerate and drink cold.

saffronYou can buy this product directly from their website



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