how to prepare chola dosai /sorgam (jowar) dosa

how to prepare chola dosai /sorgam (jowar) dosa

how to prepare chola dosai  /sorgam(jowar) dosa

how to prepare chola dosai /sorgam(jowar) dosaOver eating fancy refined things are still in fashion and most of us are always addicted to it. We have so many alternative healthy foods here which are always there in production from ancient times.That type of ancient authentic food is the real food that should be our daily routine which always will keep us healthy. It’s happily acceptable that nowadays some kind of great change has been happening at one side of the world I mean healthy food change-over. That’s the awareness that should happen in this unhealthy fast food era. how to prepare chola dosai /sorgam(jowar) dosaI have used the red variety of jowar millet here for making this dosa you can use the white ones. This jowar millet has lots of dietary fibre and protein in it. It’s an excellent source of valuable nutrients that it should be taken frequently. I have not tried making idli from this batter but you can try it. I like to make dosa from fermented batter only so that it comes out tasty and delectable. Lets now see how to prepare chola dosai.

how to prepare chola dosai  /sorgam(jowar) dosa



Red cholam/sorgam/jowar – 1 cup
Idli rice – 1 cup
Whole urad dal /ulundhu – 1/2 cup
Vendhyam/fenugreek seeds – 1tsp
Needed rock salt to mix the batter


how to prepare chola dosai /sorgam(jowar) dosa1.Take all the ingredients altogether except salt in a vessel and first wash it thoroughly.

how to prepare chola dosai /sorgam(jowar) dosa2.Then soak it in water for 4-5 hours,then grind it in a grinder to a smooth paste.
3.Now add needed salt to the batter and mix well.
4.Let it ferment for 7-8 hours or overnight.

how to prepare chola dosai /sorgam(jowar) dosa5.In the morning add water,mix the batter and bring it dosa batter consistency.

how to prepare chola dosai /sorgam(jowar) dosa6.Make dosa’s as you may like into crisp thin ones or as oothapam’s,serve it with any chutney or spicy sambar’s of your choice.




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