making sprouts/how to make horse gram sprouts-marudhuskitchen

making sprouts/how to make horse gram sprouts-marudhuskitchen

making sprouts/how to make horse gram sprouts.


Legumes and other beans that are sprouted contains high amount of vitamins and micro nutrients.Usually making sprouts takes complete two days. we can leave it for another day or so, if we want sprouts to grow even more longer.Every variety of beans has its own nature and sprouting time differs.soaking time is normally eight to ten hours.These small little white sprout is common among ‘Asian cuisine’ and the energy of digestion is high in this sprouts .Usually in our home we make horse gram sprouts every week and boil it with other spices.Horse gram is not that much popular but it is nutritiously dense especially in its sprouted form.Horse gram is a common legume used in Indian cooking (other than its sprouted form) that every state have their own method of cooking.Simple method of tie-ing in a damp cloth is the easiest and simple way of sprouting instead of using a jar or a sprout maker.

making sprouts/how to make horse gram sprouts


  • Horse gram - 1 cup
  • water for soaking
  • Any thin light colored cloth.


  • Wash and soak horse-gram in a vessel for 8 hours or over-night.
  • Then in the morning strain it in a wet cloth and seal it tightly.( I have used a clip)
  • Leave for 24 hours covering with a vessel upside down at room temperature.
  • Then you will get sprout like this.
  • You can keep tied in the cloth for one more day for further more long sprouts.


Can use mixed varieties to sprout.
Each type of beans take their own time variation to sprout.
For sprouting room temperature is required.


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  1. Joana

    I’m brasilian and I found this ,horse gram ,in a Indian store, I cooked first time but was wonder if I could sprout it🙃 Just finge your post . Thank you very much . I also sprouted fenugreek by chance , now I do it all the time .

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