indian diwali recipes /sweets and savouries

indian diwali recipes /sweets and savouries

indian diwali recipes /sweets and savouries

In India I should say Diwali celebrations is the king of all festivals because it has gone already viral into people minds through ages and huge expectations keeps us busy and active that we come to the festive mood even before a month in advance! I mean to say that all preparations like cleaning the house,buying new dress materials and preparing sweets all starts well in advance.The children become super excited because they are going to burst crackers.My excitement during childhood days was to wear a new dress and indian diwali recipes /sweets and savouries burst different crackers all day long without any inhibition and for that I would get up even at three in the morning but nobody will be awake so I will be forced to sleep and at five my mom would apply some oil(gingelly)to my head (a custom followed during diwali) and she asks me to fire crackers then I will take a shower again will again fire crackers all day long along with lots of sweets and snacks. This was the routine for years all through my child hood and they are great unforgettable childhood memories!of-course every one would have experienced same kind of pleasurable diwali celebration memories of their own.Some homes make their own sweets and snacks but some pre-order from caterers either way without sweets and snacks there is no diwali.I have listed some sweets and snacks to try for this diwali.

indian diwali recipes /sweets and savouries


Sweets special:

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1.Kaju katli

kaju katli

2.Till ladoo

sesame seeds laddu

3.Rava ladoo

rava/rawa laddu recipe

4.milkmaid ladoo

milkmaid coconut ladoos/Thengai ladoo

5.Groundnut ladoo

peanut ladoo(groundnut)

Savoury special



karasev recipe

2.Ulundu vadai

south indian ulundu vadai recipe/medu vadai


diwali snack/omapodi/simple plain sev


maharashtrian bhakarwadi recipe/bakarwadi(diwali recipe)

5. Pyaz ki kachori

pyaz ki(onion)kachori




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