How to prepare ragi idli – ragi idli recipe – marudhuskitchen

How to prepare ragi idli – ragi idli recipe – marudhuskitchen

How to prepare ragi idli – ragi idli recipe

RAGI-IDLIIam talking about the magical ingredient Ragi ,that has valuable benefits which our body recognizes but our mind ignores.Ragi is low in fat and helps in weight reduction and is rich in essential amino acids.Children who are allergic to milk or don’t like milk,ragi comes as a great substitute because of its high calcium content.Ragi can be had alternate to regular idli’s that we make.Ragi should be incorporated in our diet in some form so that we get maximum benefit from it.It is low in starch and high in fibre compared to rice.This nutrient rich millet is available for us at very affordable price.Nowadays awareness for millets has increased due to the raise in health problems.For this ragi idli preparation there is no need to add soda it comes out very well with the correct quantity of ingredient that I have used.Idli rice used in this recipe gives body to this dish without which it will be a failure,because I have tried out without using rice.This is the second recipe am giving after ragi mudde.This ragi idli is best jodi for chutneys and sambars which should be slightly spicy than the usual karam we add.My father in law had ragi kali, kanchi and even roti’s in those days, but ragi idli was new to him, when I first made it.
Instead of using ragi flour it can be soaked (full grain)as such along with idli rice,but here I have used ragi flour.soak rice,methi and dhal together for 2 – 21/2 hours before grinding.Grind the batter as the same consistency as we do for regular idli.Fermentation time is 8 hours after which we can steam the idlis.Now we will see how to prepare ragiidli..

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