recipes for karthigai deepam /thiru karthigai special recipes

recipes for karthigai deepam  /thiru karthigai special recipes

karthigai pori urundai/how to make puffed rice ballsIts an auspicious festival celebrated with great importance all over Tamil nadu. Lighting earthen lamp lights are the main part of this festival.In our home we have a custom of lighting lamps for 3 days.The day before karthigai deepam and after the deepam day.For thiru karthigai making pori urundai is essential part of the whole festivity.Have you ever heard about home-made crackers made during this karthigai deepam I have just read about this here.

“Kathigai chutru or karthigai chulartu is a homemade charcoal based hand-rotating firecracker. This is crafted by youngsters and elders at the time of this festival.This cracker is handled with a long rope and rotated over the head clockwise, anti-clockwise, zig zag and any other pattern to make the display more fun. To maintain safety, the ropes used are either coir rope or jute rope. While….”

It was interesting and happy to read about the eco-friendly hand-made safe cracker.Here I have listed few recipes for karthigai deepam ,just check and click the links


recipes for karthigai deepam  /thiru karthigai special recipes

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