thai pongal recipes / pongal festival special recipes

thai pongal recipes / pongal festival special recipes

thai pongal recipes / pongal festival special recipes

thai pongal recipes / pongal festival special recipes

Finally its Pongal time the process all starts from cleaning to arrangement for poojas. Work will be in full swing and holiday mood is all set in every household. Although its a four day celebration the mood is all extended for the whole week. The first comes the bhogi then thai pongal the third is the maattu pongal. Ending with kaanum pongal or kari naal. Its a Tamizhars festival thanking sun god for giving prosperity and good harvest. Similarly  same is celebrated as makar sankaranti in Andra and Karnataka. Below are the list of sweet and kara pongal varieties, some variety rice you can make and some payasam variations. Sure try these thai pongal recipes for sure .

thai pongal recipes / pongal festival special recipes

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Sweet pongal:

Sweet pongal Tamilnadu recipe/Sakkarai pongal/marudhuskitchen

sweet-pongalI like this sweet  pongal recipe/sakkarai pongal  because generally am obsessed towards sweets very much. From this you will understand am having big

kai kuthal arisi pongal

kai kuthal arisi pongal /hand pound rice pongalAlready done with usual sakkarai pongal for thai pongal at my space and nowadays am trying some ways to have hand pound rice/kaikuthal rice regularly!


recipe for akkaravadisal /milk pongal with jaggery

recipe for akkaravadisal

Is there is anything that we should not eat sweets after that particular festivity is all over. But, for me its never like that I always love to have different desserts all day and all year around whenever I feel one. This recipe for akaravadisal is nothing but yet another

godhuma rava sweet pongal /broken/cracked wheat rava pongal

godhuma rava sweet pongal /broken wheat sweet pongal

This month is “the” festive season for pongal,it’s a four-day festival of real celebrations, each day has its own importance which all may be knowing and it needs no explanation.

kalkandu rice recipe /kalkandu pongal /sugar candy sadam

kalkandu rice recipe /kalkandu pongal

This kalkandu rice recipe is a quick alternative to regular sakkarai pongal.  Kalkandu pongal is a predominant temple prasadam. The prasadam when made at temple is always special

pongal kulambu /pongal kuzhambu recipe/sidedish for pongal

pongal kulambu /pongal kuzhambu

Many of the South Indian houses women will be really busy cleaning and preparing for the very auspicious four days pongal fair and me too having my cleaning done with few works still pending!The..

Khara pongal:

recipe for millet /mixed millet venpongal

recipe for millet /mixed millet venpongal

These magical millet’s in any form gives fullness to our tummies because of the fibre’y goodness in there!so our hunger pangs are much delayed.Millets have become prominent these days

varagu pongal(venpongal)/varagarisi ven pongal/varagu millet


Millet’s the common food in those days have become unknown food these day’s!Due to serious need for healthy diet , surprisingly! people have become more curious about these

Variety rice:

simple lemon rice

sesame seed rice /ellu podi sadam

kothamalli sadham

how to cook mango rice (rawmango)mangaisadam

simple coconut rice recipe/(Grated)Thengai sadam

Curd rice

Tamarind rice/puli sadam


Payasam varieties:

easy rice kheer recipe /arisi paal payasam

elaneer payasam tender coconut kheer

javvarisi payasam with jaggery /sago kheer/sabudana payasam

how to prepare dates payasam / easy kheer recipe

rice flakes payasam /aval payasam recipe / poha kheer

recipe for black rice /kavuni arisi payasam

coconut kheer recipe indian /arisi thengai payasam


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