how to make biscuit recipe /kalakala/Bombay lakdi

how to make biscuit recipe /kalakala/Bombay lakdi My time and life becomes more interesting and joyous when Iam all involved in discovering various cultural cuisines and what I mean is that if it is all related to food I become more inclined to it!all because of severe passion I have for food.In most of my post...

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mixed fruit custard (eggless)

mixed fruit custard  (eggless) Fruits as a whole contains generous amounts of metabolic goodness that it should be consumed at the right time so that all the nutrients are absorbed properly.Eat fruits before any main meal giving sufficient gap between!by this the fruits are better digested and all the important nutrients get absorbed.This awareness has made...

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how to make mousse dessert /thandai mousse

how to make mousse dessert /thandai mousse I found a very interesting kind of summer fusion dessert using thandai sharbat (syrup concentrate) in one of the you tube video's from tarladalal's!a blended dessert of Indian and western.I can very well imagine a thandai mousse served with Indian gulab jamuns are even more enjoyable!but here I have...

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