cookies recipes without eggs /biscuits(quick and easy)

cookies recipes without eggs /biscuits(quick and easy)

cookies recipes without eggs  /biscuits(quick and easy)

cookies/biscuitsI love soft melt in a mouth cookies but not all the time I can bake the very same kind of cookie/biscuits each time I bake it should be with different addition of various ingredients so it will be interesting and a change of flavours are always demanding!Am so tempted to bake various kinds of cookies (cookies recipes without eggs)when I see a wide array of biscuits that are famous around the globe.Every kitchen now is modular and oven is a most compelling gadget in most of the Indian homes but sadly it is a show piece in most of the houses.Many friends I know are just avoiding baking because they think it is a complicated work of art even though they are well worse cooks.

pistachio cookie recipe / piped biscuitsIf we clearly understand basics and working temperatures of an oven we can easily do many wonderful bakes at our own space which gives us lots of confidence and satisfaction.Not all cookies/biscuits are similar some are chewy,crispy and some melts in your mouth it all depends on the amount and type of ingredients you add and homemade cookies are always wonderful!gives wholesome satisfaction.A perfectly baked cookie depends on correct temperature,measurements and temperature of the ingredients used,some may be piped,some may be shaped and even rolled.I have given a small collection of cookies that I have baked take a look on these gorgeous cookies which are not only delicious but it’s very easy to make.

cookies recipes without eggs  /biscuits(quick and easy)

bakery style tea biscuits

how to make salt biscuits/bakery(hyderabadi)style

butter biscuits/eggless butter biscuit


oats and raisins cookies /eggless

oats and raisins cookies/eggless oats cookie

foxtail millet/Thinai(foxtail)biscuit

simple cookies with foxtail millet/Thinai biscuit

snowball cookie /easy bake


snowball cookie/easy bake christmas cookies




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  1. Ritu Ahuja

    Wow!! Cookies look delicious. Simple and easy to follow recipe. Love it. Happy new year Vani. Have a great year ahead. 🙂

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