Rava dosa recipe/how to prepare crispy ravadosa/marudhuskitchen

Rava dosa recipe/how to prepare crispy ravadosa/marudhuskitchen

Rava dosa recipe /how to prepare crispy ravadosa

RAVA DOSAThinking of doing something for dinner and feeling  lazy then make this rava dosa recipe in a jiffy and its simply delicious .In one way it is fast-food of course  as it is prepared instantly.Like my hubby you too will soon be addicted to it mesmerizing crispiness.It is branded south Indian material with its own crunchiness.Should make up dosa when the dosa pan is super hot and you will hear the shw…. sound and remove dosa when the corners lift up.

RAVADOSAEach time the batter settles down and before pouring dosa you should stir the mixture.These creepy delight’s consistency should be as thin as butter milk.Talking about combination both coconut chutney and tiffin sambar are best jodi’s for this Rava dosa recipe.Although there are limitless varieties of dosa’s this rava dosa proves its own uniqueness among them.Am more comfortable to the method to first spread onions and then pour the batter,this way the onion is well incorporated into it. I feel sprinkling the batter with hand is best than using a karandi as for as rava dosa is concerned.OK now we will see the steps for preparing rava dosa.

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  1. Sandhya Ramakrishnan

    Such a crispy looking Rava dosai! I love Onion rava and order it all the time when I eat out 🙂

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