How to make palkova /aavin palkova

How to make palkova /aavin palkova

How to make palkova /aavin palkova

How to make palkova /aavin palkova

I love this palkova very much that I can’t resist eating.when I was a kid, my mother used to make this very often where only two ingredients are required ,but its preparation time is longer. It is a very easy recipe that any one can make,the only thing is that you have to be near the stove with lots of patience.How to make palkova /aavin palkova

She makes it for me often as I compel her to do it.It is a special south Indian recipe which we are familiar but every one have there own way of making,some like to add cardamom powder.I usually don’t add cardamom powder because in aavin palkova they don’t add cardamom powder,and it tastes best without cardamom powder.Sugar level differs according to ones taste, there is natural sweetness in kova itself.If we add more sweet it will mask the actual taste of pal kova. Usually many varieties of palkova’s are famous like ‘srivalliputhur’palkova  is a must  that I should mention.Use thicker kadai  for this as it easily sticks to the bottom as milk in this recipe there is no need to add ghee or cardamom powder,so read the recipe and leave your valuable comments. Now lets see how to make palkova /aavin palkova


How to make palkova /aavin palkova

aavin palkova/sweet condenced milk kova


  • milk - 2 liters
  • sugar -10-12 tsp
  • usually sugar is added according to ones taste


  • Boil milk and it takes time,usually 1 hr depending upon the stove you have
  • at this stage be careful and stir continuesly.
  • otherwise it sticks to the bottom.
  • when it becomes little thicker add sugar.
  • it should come to this stage,
  • then switch off the stove at this stage.
  • let it cool down and store
  • .


Consistency is important.
switch off the stove when some liquid is there.
so that when it cools down it will be in right consistency.


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