drinks for summers /Indian beverages to beat the heat

drinks for summers /Indian beverages to beat the heat

drinks for summers /Indian beverages to beat the heat

INDIAN DRINKS“Iam not able to concentrate on things even though they may appear important because Iam exhausted and dehydrated”this happens in most of us the very thought and need pushes us to have something refreshing and cool.There are so many choices of beverages(I mean non alcoholic)that during summer(s) you are badly in need of something cool and refreshing and during winter you will be wanting to have something hot that will be comforting and relaxing.Loads of fluid intake is recommended during hot days as loss of body water should be equalized by taking sufficient liquid.This is the perfect season where large number of people get kidney stones due to poor intake of liquids in their diets and doctors first and foremost advice for them is to have plenty of fluids in their diet.

sweet punjabi lassi recipe

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Among the long list of refreshing summer drinks I have a special love for tender coconut water the instant natural energy drink that is totally wholesome with creamy tender coconut inside(s) which I impatiently relish till the last bit.Next easy handy drink to make at home is Nimbu pani/lemon juice its a revitalizing drink that is made largely in common in most of our Indian homes.Apart from this there are so many in the list to relieve our burning desire for thirst.Juices, sherbets or any beverage(non-alcoholic) that is cool are the best for the hot scorching heat.We should quench our thirst in a natural way not opting for commercialized drinks loaded with chemicals.I have shared some famous thirst quenching Indian summer drinks/beverages to beat the heat during penetrating summer days.

drinks for summers/Indian beverages to beat the heat

1. Indian Lemonade/shikanji


shikanji drink / Indian LemonadeNimbu pani or shikanji is the exact simple tasty inevitable drink that will quench our thirst…Read more

2. sweet lime juice/mosambi

sweet lime mosambi juice(sathukudi)Although it’s a common simple juice many people are  die-hard fan for this rejuvenating drink.While selecting the fruit pick up….Read more

3. Thandai drink/syrup

thandai sharbat (syrup concentrate)/thandai recipeIt seems various versions and methods are there to make this thandai( thandai sharbat (syrup concentrate)!but the method I chose was very traditional…Read more

4. Ragi koozh/cooling porridge drink

how to prepare ragi koozh(fingermillet/kezhvaragu/nachani)For tasty Ragi/Aadi koozh the millet powder should be soaked for at least 6-8 hours and should be carefully stirred without any lumps while cooking….Read more

5. Neer mor/moru/spiced butter milk

spiced buttermilk recipe/neer moruThe reason behind having neer moru is that it cools the body, quenches the thirst at the same time stops the dehydration due to over heat…Read more



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  1. Anupama

    what a selection! love them all actually. Can’t pick a favorite. each one is special with its own flavors. But right now – I’m craving for your neer mor – looks so YUM with the coriander!


    Totally spoilt for choices my dear. This is a collection to be bookmarked and referred to again and again. I think each one is unquie in its own way and it’s very difficult to choose a favourite. Loved all of them equally my dear.

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  4. Jamun Amla Panna | simplyvegetarian777

  5. Anu-My Ginger Garlic Kitchen

    What a lovely collection of summer drink! I so love SUMMER drinks, and these drinks here looks heavenly! Thanks for this lovely share, Vani! 🙂

  6. Honey Ginger Lemonade - Masalakorb

  7. Ankita Baipayi

    Mouth watering post. Got to know some rejuvenating & exhilarating drinks which I was unaware earlier. The best part about summers is that it comes with cooling & revitalizing drinks. Great post, have bookmarked it. :).

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