Amla juice/gooseberry juice preparation/Nellikai juice

Nellikai juice/gooseberry juice preparation The surprising "sweet taste" you will get after a bitter and sour bite of an Amla fruit is just miraculous.Gooseberry fruit is filled with lots of healthy richness which makes it an important fruit in Ayurveda.Extreme water content in it makes it more succulent and juicy. It can be dried,juiced or can...

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Recipe for fruit smoothie/watermelon-banana smoothie-marudhuskitchen

Recipe for fruit smoothie/watermelon-banana smoothie Water melon the thirst quencher is rich in vitamins,minerals and low in calories.This succulent seasonal fruit has a countless benefits in its lists.It tastes great as it is but I thought of combining with other fruits and find out how it tastes.That's how I landed in making a smoothie. Let me...

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