recipe for akkaravadisal /milk pongal with jaggery

recipe for akkaravadisal

Is there is anything that we should not eat sweets after that particular festivity is all over. But, for me its never like that I always love to have different desserts all day and all year around whenever I feel one. This recipe for akaravadisal is nothing but yet another variety of pongal the only difference is that its all done only with milk. The rice is strictly cooked only with milk and not with water. Using pacharisi is the best for this pongal and the real taste is got by using this rice. I still remember those days my mother cooking pongal this akaravadisal way. (more…)


millet idiyappam / kambu idiyappam /pearl millet sevai sweet and savoury

kambu idiyappamHand-made idiyappams from scratch is my favourite it means all the way from soaking the rice,grinding and steaming.We get a nice soft and fluffy sevai’s and its always confidently delicious and satisfactory. Either we call it as idiyappam or a sevai its always very mild to our tummy and a most recommended diet and patient friendly food.In the same way we can replace ragi or any other millets instead of kambu and do this idiyappam. (more…)


homemade mozzarella cheese sticks recipe / deep fried without eggs

homemade mozzarella cheese sticks recipe / deep fried without eggsThese are homemade mozzarella cheese sticks recipe that are stringy when deep fried and has become such an addictive snack for kids. Among other cheese varieties this mozzarella cheese has a unique character and taste which has become a big hit every where.Its an Italian variety cheese which are now available all over India at all big super markets. For a long time I was wondering how can a cheese be fried and hold its shape on its own without any degradation of taste. (more…)


how to make eggless christmas cake at home / fruit nut cake

how to make eggless christmas cake at homeIt’s again an eggless cake for this christmas it’s a trademark festive treat every-time. Even though it’s an eggless christmas cake it’s not an alcohol free cake which is a must if you want an authentic christmas cake. If you don’t want to use alcohol you can always use orange juice which equalizes and brings the same outcome.Its a very first attempt for me to use alcohol in cooking and was very curious about the outcome as well. It turned out to be perfect and was totally satisfied. I was not so very confident in the (more…)


eggless christmas sugar cookies / cut out cookies with royal icing

eggless christmas sugar cookies / cut out cookies with royal icingChristmas is all in the que approaching fast in the festive game and this eggless christmas sugar cookies is one of the land mark recipes made during christmas. A cookie with egg is all the one I needed to try but this time also some how I missed it and went in for eggless. This eggless christmas sugar cookies is such an easy-peasy recipe to try with all readily home-available ingredients. when I made this for the first time I made it for one cup amount of all purpose flour and it came out as buttery-sugary cookies. (more…)


how to prepare chola dosai /sorgam(jowar) dosa

how to prepare chola dosai /sorgam(jowar) dosaOver eating fancy refined things are still in fashion and most of us are always addicted to it. We have so many alternative healthy foods here which are always there in production from ancient times.That type of ancient authentic food is the real food that should be our daily routine which always will keep us healthy. It’s happily acceptable that nowadays some kind of great change has been happening at one side of the world I mean healthy food change-over. That’s the awareness that should happen in this unhealthy fast food era. (more…)


chettinad kandarappam / sweet appam recipe

chettinad kandarappam / sweet appam recipeThe single word chettinad is very powerful by itself and it has tied the whole world with its strong aromatic distinctive cuisine.This chettinad kandarappam is a new dessert for me to try. This as a karthigai deepam special this time and it turned to be damn good. I got the recipe from solaiachiskitchen but not followed her recipe exactly but took it as a base and did it. She has used two types of rice but I have used idli rice (more…)


recipe dal makhani punjabi style /homemade dal makhani recipe

recipe dal makhani punjabi styleYet another great side dish item for any Indian bread and best with simple phulka’s. This recipe of dal makhani is a punjabi style dish which has become very popular. Its creamy and buttery texture makes it special and different from all the gravy varieties with dal as the base. This black whole urad dal is so much nutrient dense lentil that its all good for our health. Its such a authentic recipe with loads of butter and cream in it. (more…)


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