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toor dal thogayal /thuvaram paruppu thuvayal recipe

toor dal thogayal /thuvaram paruppu thuvayal recipe

thuvaram paruppu thuvayal recipeAmong many a thogayal varieties that are made this one paruppu thuvayal with toor dal is top on the list. I usually make this with coconut only but many make it without coconut. When made without coconut also its very tasty and addictive. It pairs well as a side dish for rasam and even curd rice.Combination of two lentils namely bengal and toor dal can also be made which is also very delicious. Hot rice with sesame oil and this thuvayal added is the great divine combination. Adding chillies depends upon Continue reading

chidambaram gotsu recipe /kathirikai (brinjal) gothsu for idli and dosa

chidambaram gotsu recipeĀ  /kathirikai (brinjal) gothsu for idli and dosa

chidambaram gotsu recipe /kathirikai (brinjal) gothsuSamba sadam and chidambaram gotsu are inseparable speciality pair of Chidambaram. This classic gothsu pairs very well with idli or dosa.Its never a complicated dish to make and using small onions gives a special taste to this dish. Recently,I saw the making of Gotsu and samba sadam in a popular tv show and tried chidambaram gotsu recipe alone.You can even roast brinjals in open fire remove the skin and grind. Continue reading

ginger thokku/inji thokku with curry leaves/marudhuskitchen

Ginger thokku/Inji thokku with curry leaves

Ginger thokku with curry leavesGinger thokku a aromatic picklish wonder with earthy strong and penetrating flavour.The intensive tanginess! sharpness! are from the tamarind and ginger mainly!!and the tamarind helps for a longer shelf life of this thokku.This ginger thokku has a additional ingredient that is curry leaves which mingles with ginger and becomes another main ingredient for this wonderful dish. Continue reading