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grape syrup recipe /Juice from grape squash

grape syrup recipe /Juice from grape squash

grape syrup recipe /grape squashIn my city the summer has begun so intense that scorching sun has no concern on any life forms!the temperature has crossed above 106 degrees already!sucking away all the energy making people exhausted and tired.In-order to escape and protect our-selvesĀ  from the penetrating heat it is so critical that we take lots of liquids in our diet. Continue reading

thandai sharbat (syrup concentrate)/thandai recipe

thandai sharbat (syrup concentrate) /thandai recipe

thandai sharbat (syrup concentrate)/thandai recipeHere the summer has started with its fiery momentum this time Iam welcoming and compensating the hot weather with one of the traditional exotic North Indian summer drink “thandai”. When I came to know about this drink I was curious for the first time try! I was quiet skeptical about the spices added to it!but after making this recipe it just made me say “no wonder it is an inevitable drink“. Continue reading