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making vegetable soup with littlemillet(samai)/millet soup

making vegetable soup with samai/vegetable-little-millet-clear soup

making vegetable soupNowadays am trying out varies possibilities and varieties that can be made from the gluten free stuff millet’s!and one such try is this soup which I made it yesterday and it surprisingly turned out to be a healthy vegetable soup.I enjoyed the nuttiness of the millet’s with every bite and the soup was so refreshing.while making vegetable soup I thought of making it as a clear soup Continue reading

Recipe for drumstick soup/murungai ellai soup

Recipe for drumstick soup/murungai ellai soup

RECIPE FOR DRUMSTICK SOUPDrumstick leaves have an indigenous store of vibrant health with loads of medicinal value in it .On the whole each part of this tree is very useful and most habitual food in South Indian cooking . I came to know from a book that a special kind of oil made from the mature seeds of the tree are used both in cooking and as a cosmetic . It is a customary food for we South Indians as we make variety of dishes from it. Continue reading