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simple indian food recipes for lunch /tamil lunch menu

simple indian (south) food recipes for lunch /tamil lunch menu

SouthIndian meal/TamilNadu lunchA Typical Tamil Lunch is a well-organized lists of menu to go with the main South Indian staple “rice” and serving food in banana leaf is a special custom in most of the southern states like Karnataka,kerala and Andhra.As a South-Indian am more used to this type of “Thali valai illai sappadu”(banana leaf lunch)whether it’s a simple function at home or a grand marriage the foods served in banana leaf is a must.The broader portion of the leaf should be on the right hand side and after placing the leaf it is sprinkled with water and cleaned before serving.After finishing the meal we should close the leaf from top end closed over the bottom and this signifies that you have enjoyed the full meal but never close the leaf from bottom over the top it shows a kind of disrespect both to the food and people who have cooked it and served. Continue reading