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papdi chaat indian recipe /marudhuskitchen

papdi chaat indian recipe /marudhuskitchen

papdi chaat indian recipeChatting with your friends with your most wanted chaat in your hand is always entertaining!I use to do these often mostly it would be unscheduled get together with my local friends assembling at near by food joints! love these fun-filled togetherness and it is during these hours of relaxation we forget all our hard and confused moments in our life.Among the chaat variations papdi chaat is very tasty and a super hit instant snack if you have your papri’s in ready hand.You may know that I have just finished making papri and have stored it! Continue reading

how to make papdi for chaat (s) /papri recipe

how to make papdi for chaat   (s)/papri recipe

how to make papdi for chaat /papri recipeThere is one famous spot in my hometown Salem where chaat items are a big hit!since my college days they are running their business like a rock star.So many die-hard fans are there till now so they are open on all days even on Sundays and this time too when I visited my Amma’s place I had my samosa mix an awesome chaat item (samosa’s dunk in peas sauce with spicy tangy chutneys)sitting at my usual place where I would usually sit all these years!it was really an enjoyable evening sitting talking with my H!it was literally after many days of his hectic schedule that I had a chance to relax and chat with him. Continue reading