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avocado milk shake recipe /marudhuskitchen

avocado milk shake recipe/marudhuskitchen

avocado milk shake recipeI always believe that there is only one being who can create anything he wishes and that authoritative power is the supreme power called “god”!and no wonder he has kept butter inside a fruit called avocado.The creaminess,texture and smoothness of the fruit(pulp)is very much having similar properties like butter that this butter-fruit can very well replace it but loaded with good fats and protein unlike butter!Good fat means that it contains mono unsaturated fatty acids that is good for our health and well-being. Continue reading

drinks for summers /Indian beverages to beat the heat

drinks for summers /Indian beverages to beat the heat

INDIAN DRINKS“Iam not able to concentrate on things even though they may appear important because Iam exhausted and dehydrated”this happens in most of us the very thought and need pushes us to have something refreshing and cool.There are so many choices of beverages(I mean non alcoholic)that during summer(s) you are badly in need of something cool and refreshing and during winter you will be wanting to have something hot that will be comforting and relaxing.Loads of fluid intake is recommended during hot days as loss of body water should be equalized by taking sufficient liquid.This is the perfect season where large number of people get kidney stones due to poor intake of liquids in their diets and doctors first and foremost advice for them is to have plenty of fluids in their diet. Continue reading