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how to do mango lassi /mango drink

how to do mango lassi /mango drink

mango lassiHappy to end this months post with yet another mango delight mango lassi!such a simple drink to make in no time but the taste is so delightful that no wonder it has become famous all over the world.This time I got a whole box of organic mangoes from the “garden of thathachariars”!it is the most precious type of mangoes we get here in my place(Trichy/TamilNadu). Continue reading

recipe of mango burfi (barfi) /mango dessert

recipe of mango burfi (barfi) /mango dessert

recipe of mango burfi(barfi)/mango sweetThis month is almost a mango month for my blog because more recipes are with mangoes and will mostly end up this “may” with all wonderful mango recipes for sure.I don’t eat mangoes just for their health benefits!a perfect mango maniac that I eagerly wait for succulent juicy tasty mangoes to arrive every year.I wish the mangoes to be available all through the year but they are available only for few months!of-course they are available in preserved¬† variations which will not equalize the freshly available fruit. Continue reading

how to make mango dessert /mango patholi/(ela(i)ada(i)

how to make mango dessert /mango patholi

how to make mango dessert /mango patholiPatholi is a famous sweet dumpling done in konkan,goan regions and both these regions follow malvani cuisine.Konkani,Goan even kerala cuisines dominantly use coconut in great significance as all these parts lie on the coastal areas where coconut trees are grown in abundance. Continue reading

recipe for mango sorbet / dessert

recipe for mango sorbet /dessert

recipe for mango sorbetSummers always intensely force us to find something cool and refreshing!obviously in and out there are many summer thirst quenchers but sorbet is a special dessert that is very distinctive not at all resembling a ice-cream.My mind is fully occupied with this gorgeous golden fruit(mango) this season and I was all set to make a sorbet for first time with mangoes. Continue reading

recipe for mango milkshake/Mango milkshake

recipe for mango milkshake/mango milkshake

recipe for mango milkshakeI have got quiet a lot of mangoes and eaten up soo..much!!!this summer,but my craving for this golden fruit is never ending one!!Can I give a nice little tip when selecting mangoes? OK !!!!when selecting I always smell it ,and if it has a nice sweet smell! then fruit will also be nice and sweet.It tastes heavenly when it is fully ripe and it just fills the whole space with its sweet-juicy aroma. Continue reading