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how to make horse gram rasam /kollu rasam

how to make horse gram rasam /kollu rasam

horse gram rasam/kollu rasamDown my memory lane my friends would make fun of me saying”I thought that kollu/horse gram is only for feeding horses but you make a meal out of it”but this was the case long back and now they too make quite some dishes out of it realizing its health benefits.Horse gram a high-powered legume with lots of diuretic(pushes out unwanted water out of our body) goodness and it is used as one of the main items in ayurvedic treatment.The legume by itself is hard but if we take it in sprouted form it is easily digestible and has a high amount of slowly digestible carbohydrates which is diabetic friendly. Continue reading



HORSE GRAM RECIPESAmazing legume with a brownish tint adds a power packed sharpness by its own.Thinking of loosing weight then use horse gram once in every weak.Its nutritional value is tripled when it is germinated.Invariably on all the Saturdays my mummy used to prepare this as a main course for lunch.It will go well with white rice served with few drops of ghee.When we boil sprouted horse gram the water in it can be either ground along with other spices or can be made into rasamĀ  which tastes heavenly. Continue reading