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how to make chocolate cornflake cookies recipe/marudhuskitchen

how to make chocolate cornflake cookies

chocolate cornflake cookiesThese chocolatey cookies has a piercing smell that you will never be able to ignore.We can’t always say chocolates are only kids goods and should only be loved by them.Even elders love them.My mummy is a great chocolate lover,till date she loves to overindulge chocolates in any form.These chocolate cornflake cookies is an extreme easy peasy cookie to make.No complicated ingredients to put in. Continue reading

cookies recipes without eggs /biscuits(quick and easy)

cookies recipes without eggs  /biscuits(quick and easy)

cookies/biscuitsI love soft melt in a mouth cookies but not all the time I can bake the very same kind of cookie/biscuits each time I bake it should be with different addition of various ingredients so it will be interesting and a change of flavours are always demanding!Am so tempted to bake various kinds of cookies (cookies recipes without eggs)when I see a wide array of biscuits that are famous around the globe.Every kitchen now is modular and oven is a most compelling gadget in most of the Indian homes but sadly it is a show piece in most of the houses.Many friends I know are just avoiding baking because they think it is a complicated work of art even though they are well worse cooks.

Continue reading

south indian murukku /pottukadalai murukku recipe

south indian murukku /pottukadalai murukku recipe

pottukadalai murukku recipeThe scene has changed over the past few years that everywhere you see ready-made packs of murukku maavu(fried snack made with rice flour) packets readily available-at all super markets and general stores specially during the festive seasons where we never have to strain to make one! just have to mix and fry,that too not one variety many variations are available and even ready to eat fried packs of murukku are always spread out all through the year in our favorite branded sweet and snack shops.But murukku we make at home is always special and that taste is always one of its kind and store-bought never will equalize the home-made one,not only for murukku it applies for all the other items. Continue reading

paneer ke kabab (tikka style)/marudhuskitchen

paneer ke kabab (tikka style)

paneer ke kabab (tikka style)I had some long-term doubt if the different names kabab,kebab and kabob are dissimilar but recently my doubt was cleared that all are the same! of course googling about this cleared my hesitancy.Next to chaat, kababs too take an integral part in street foods history.The very same paneer ke kabab which is more of tikka style when done in a traditional tandoori oven gives a charcoal y   flavour. Iam hard-line fan for this smoky flavour but in our homes we can use a griller or an oven to make it. Continue reading

cornflakes crunchy bhel/healthy corn flakes bhel

cornflakes crunchy bhel/healthy corn flakes bhel

cornflakes crunchy bhel/healthy corn flakes bhelCornflakes are the most common breakfast cereal around the world!!combining fruits,nuts to it with some milk becomes complete breakfast without any fuss.But these cornflakes crunchy(s) are more flexible and is a main ingredient in many recipes! like some desserts,snacks made with cornflakes tastes great and really lovable. Continue reading