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recipe of eggless date cake / dates nuts loaf cake

recipe of eggless date cake / dates nuts loaf cake

eggless date cake / dates nuts loaf cakeIt’s a different kind of cake I have tried from the ordinary cakes that I usually do.Its different in the sense it quite healthy because its butterless with holy goodness of dates.I have bookmarked this recipe quite long back from milkmaid website.Now only the time have ripened to do this I think ! totally enjoyed the simplicity of this recipe of eggless date cake. If the dates are bit dry and hard you have to boil it in milk.If its soft then you can simply grind the dates with milk directly. Continue reading

masala corn snack recipe /spicy/easy sweetcorn

masala corn snack recipe /spicy/easy sweetcorn

masala corn snack recipeIam too tempted to post this masala corn snack recipe cause it is very close to my heart kind of comfort food though it may sound simple.Sweetcorn have become a versatile ingredient that can be incorporated in any Indian type of cooking. Kids like corn for its sweet, juicy and beautiful crunchy texture.Every nook and corner of the road here has a small stall selling these masala corn snack recipe piping hot with whole lot of different flavors.My children love to haveĀ  it as chilly masala corn than chat masala flavored one. Continue reading

homemade marshmallow recipe /marudhuskitchen

homemade marshmallow recipe

homemade marshmallow recipeMy son Charan was playing at his dear friend Shibu’s house when he returned home he wanted to convey something to me.His face was filled with surprise and impatience.He said with all excitement that shibu’s aunt did “homemade marshmallow (s) all by herself.Charan enjoyed marshmallows done there at shibu’s place and he requested me if I can try it for him. When I see these marshmallows in recipe books and stores I would think it will be never a homemade job Continue reading

sago upma indian recipe /javvarisi/sabudana

sago upma indian recipe /javvarisi/sabudana khichdi

sago upma indian recipe /javvarisi/sabudana khichdiLittle planning will make it a promising snack or a breakfast!but mostly I end up in making sago upma indian recipe /javvarisi/sabudana khichdi for dinner.Only few times I have made it as upma but mostly I love-making payasam with it.The bigger variety only will be suitable for this upma mostly for this the soaking time is 3-4 hours only and no need to soak overnight I think(but not sure,for me it works). We should check for correct soaking always!if we soak it longer,then sago will go mushy.Soaked sago will be whitish and when it cooks nicely it becomes transparent and glossy. Continue reading

puri for panipuri /making pani puri

puri for panipuriĀ  /making pani puri

puri for panipuriThis whole may month is vacation period for most of our kids and for me too it’s a relaxing week here at my mom’s place.Till these years I haven’t stayed long at my mom’s place.This time only my mom was very much pleased and happy that I was with her for longer days.During my last visit I did pani puri with puri for panipuri. It was a real hit everybody my brother,sil,kids and my amma loved it totally.I did it from scratch from making puri to pani of-course my sister-in-law helped in rolling and frying. Continue reading