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aloo pyaz kachori /jaipur famous pyaz ki(onion)kachori

aloo pyaz kachori /jaipur famous
pyaz ki(onion)kachori

pyaz ki(onion)kachoriI was fortunate enough to travel and rejoice whole of Jaipur “the ravishing muddy pink beauty”!the food I explored over there are really never to be forgotten with full dominance of ghee spread over a wide array of dishes.Ghevar available over there in a shop called “LMB” is a dessert that is haunting my mind till date and even brought home some loads of it and relished every bit!Unfortunately I missed out something important it was rawat’s famous “pyaz ki kachori”and “mava kachori” and no worry I could cover it next time when I visit but I can’t really guess when I will visit so till then Iam quite edgy to try it out at comfort of my home itself. Continue reading