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homemade idli podi with whole black uraddal/karuppu ulundhu

homemade idli podi  with whole black uraddal(karuppu ulundhu)

homemade idli podi with whole black urad dalA small hint of any spicy idli podi will always be a pleasing combination for idli or dosa than any other. This time I have tried the homemade idli podi  with whole black urad dal or karuppu ulundhu and it really turned out super good. Using this urad dal with its skin has more protein and dietary fibre than using as skinless. Its protein rich and iron rich and these type of lentil consumption becomes mandatory food for all vegetarians. Continue reading

Homemade rasam powder recipe

Homemade rasam powder recipe

Homemade rasam powder recipeI have never seen my mother or even my paati making a special kind of rasam powder and storing it!my Amma used to grind some coriander seeds,cumin,red-chillies and some peppers with motor and pestle(not the small one that we are using nowadays it is larger in size and called as ammi kal in Tamil)make a paste at that juncture when she is about to make rasam. Continue reading

How to do sambar powder/homemade-Sambar-podi/marudhuskitchen

How to do sambar powder/homemadeSambarpodi

sambar -powder-recipeI don’t make sambar powder in large batches ,I do in small batches so that it keeps fresh for 15-20 days in an airtight container.In my family(both in-laws and mother’s house )they add dhania powder which contains all the spices in small amounts it is called kulumbu milagai thool nowadays.This thool is added to sambar, kootu and some varieties of kulambu along with chilli powder and is equally tasty as adding sambar powder. Continue reading