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garlic paruppu podi recipe /Andhra style podi for rice

garlic paruppu podi recipe  /Andhra style podi for rice

Andhra style paruppu podiIf it is Andhra meals in hotels then in generality the expectation would be the paruppu podi the first served item!hot rice mixed with ghee then dry podi added to it gives a beatific aroma and I know most of us are badly addicted towards  this garlic paruppu podi recipe. In most of the restaurants I see for afternoon meals its in their own routine to display cups of andhra paruppu podi,pickles and even andhra famous gongura chutney right on the table even before the guests arrive,its their customary practice! Continue reading

how to make idli podi recipe with garlic

how to make idli podi recipe  with garlic

how to make idli podi recipeI love the zing the garlic gives when blended with other spices releasing its gorgeous aroma!unfortunately garlic is a stinky thing for people who hates it. At times when I feel like having spicy accessory with idlis or dosas this is the one that comes as a relief!and I never feel self-satisfied! a podi without a heat(y) kick(hot). Continue reading