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mango kesari halwa /sooji (rava) sheera recipe

mango kesari halwa /sooji (rava)sheera recipe

mango kesari halwaThe season for mangoes are reaching their end. Mangoes by themselves is a treasure to relish as such even being a very versatile fruit. I have a special liking to this exceptional fruit than any other fruit. So many recipes are out their to do with mangoes both when they are ripe and raw.You will have never missed having rava kesari a simple easy sweet that are made in each and every home in India.The mango kesari halwa or mango kesari is a twisted variation of plain kesari. Continue reading

How to prepare mixed fruit juice with carrots /fruit juice recipe

How to prepare mixed fruit juice with carrots /fruit juice recipe

mixed fruit juice with carrotsSuddenly I got an idea of making mixed fruit juice because I have never made it before.so I decided myself to try it for this summer.when thinking of how to prepare mixed fruit juice I saw carrots sleeping in fridge .I thought why don’t we add a vegetable to this fruit mixture.These carrots are powerful antioxidants .This fruit juiceĀ  totally detoxifies our body and gives vibrant health to our skin. Continue reading

Recipe for fruit smoothie/watermelon-banana smoothie-marudhuskitchen

Recipe for fruit smoothie/watermelon-banana smoothie

RECIPE FOR FRUIT SMOOTHIEWater melon the thirst quencher is rich in vitamins,minerals and low in calories.This succulent seasonal fruit has a countless benefits in its lists.It tastes great as it is but I thought of combining with other fruits and find out how it tastes.That’s how I landed in making a smoothie. Let me tell something about smoothies,it is the blended combination of fruits bringing it to a milkshake consistency.Now don’t think that it is a milk shake ,it contains major percentage of fruits unlike a milk shake. Continue reading