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sweet lime mosambi juice(sathukudi)

sweet lime mosambi  juice(sathukudi)

sweet lime mosambi juice(sathukudi)It’s a common sight to see sweet-lime juice vendors in streets lined up with thirsty customers quenching their thirst rejoicing every sip just to escape heat and cool themselves.Although its a common simple juice many people are  die-hard fan for this rejuvenating drink.While selecting the fruit pick up a ripe yellow fruit without any discoloration it should be smooth in texture and the skin must be thin. Continue reading

Amla juice/gooseberry juice preparation/Nellikai juice

Nellikai juice/gooseberry juice preparation

GOOSEBERRY JUICEThe surprising “sweet taste” you will get after a bitter and sour bite of an Amla fruit is just miraculous.Gooseberry fruit is filled with lots of healthy richness which makes it an important fruit in Ayurveda.Extreme water content in it makes it more succulent and juicy. It can be dried,juiced or can be had as such with all its awesome uniqueness.I tried to add ginger for this gooseberry juice preparation and I was surprised that it tasted more or less like a sugarcane juice.

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How to prepare mixed fruit juice with carrots /fruit juice recipe

How to prepare mixed fruit juice with carrots /fruit juice recipe

mixed fruit juice with carrotsSuddenly I got an idea of making mixed fruit juice because I have never made it before.so I decided myself to try it for this summer.when thinking of how to prepare mixed fruit juice I saw carrots sleeping in fridge .I thought why don’t we add a vegetable to this fruit mixture.These carrots are powerful antioxidants .This fruit juice  totally detoxifies our body and gives vibrant health to our skin. Continue reading