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simple cookies with foxtail millet/Thinai(foxtail)biscuit

simple cookies with foxtail millet/Thinai biscuit

simple cookies with foxtail millet/Thinai biscuitAfter making upma from fox-tail millet this is another millet recipe but its all about baking.Yes!! I have never ever thought that I would make a cookie out of a millet that too fox-tail millet.When I was fixed with an idea that I should try a cookie with fox-tail millet I was little tensed whether it will turn out well.when I made it!it tasted very light and subtle with all itsĀ  natural nutty flavor. Continue reading

Thinaiarisi upma/gluten free millet/foxtail millet upma

Thinaiarisi upma/gluten free millet/fox-tail millet upma

foxtailmillet upmaThese pre-historic gluten free millet have a resurgence nowadays and it’s need is so inevitable for our healthy lifestyle.It has high amount of fibre which indirectly indicates it is one of the top low-glycemic foods that should be added to our list.Millet’s should be introduced to children from their young age where they get to know the real value of this high energy food and follow the same in future. Continue reading