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how to make chocolate cornflake cookies recipe/marudhuskitchen

how to make chocolate cornflake cookies

chocolate cornflake cookiesThese chocolatey cookies has a piercing smell that you will never be able to ignore.We can’t always say chocolates are only kids goods and should only be loved by them.Even elders love them.My mummy is a great chocolate lover,till date she loves to overindulge chocolates in any form.These chocolate cornflake cookies is an extreme easy peasy cookie to make.No complicated ingredients to put in. Continue reading

eggless sweet bun recipe /tea buns(burger)/dinner rolls

eggless sweet bun recipe /tea buns/dinner rolls

eggless sweet bun recipeSome years before fondness for ordinary sweet buns were maximal that even petty tea shops will always have a regular stock of it.I have always had a special liking for these spongy soft buns.After a satisfying nap my mind always longs for a hot cup of tea with these special tea buns.Dipping each bite of bun into a hot cup of tea then slowly gulping even the last bit  is such a pleasure to enjoy.My fil(father in law)still is a big fan of these eggless sweet bun recipe Continue reading

recipe for aloo bhujia /potato sev/bateta gathiya

recipe for aloo bhujia /potato sev

recipe for aloo bhujia /potato sevIt’s a revised version of omapodi presented with tang and zing never to be missed as a tea time snack.Whenever there is a chance to relish a cup of this bhujia’s a hot cup of tea or coffee is a must.Enjoying bhujia’s are really the best time to die for.Its favorite kids snack that can be made easily at home.Never use to make this aloo bhujia as frequently as I use to make Omapodi.When I was referring various food blogs and books some of them call for adding mint leaves but have not tried it and kept this recipe for aloo bhujia simple without it. Continue reading

recipe from sweet corn /sweet corn sundal(stirfry)

recipe from sweet corn /sweet corn sundal(stir fry)

sweet corn sundal(stirfry)Hardly few days more for navarathri and most of the homes who have a custom(practice) to keep kolu(steps arranged in odd numbers to display various toys mainly god and goddesses)have to plan well in advance and naturally they are trained to do it perfectly with so much of do’s and don’t s that should be followed.Both in my dads place and my in-laws place they don’t have a practice to keep kollu in spite of the fact that i have a fondness towards this custom!so,I badly miss experiencing and enjoying this beautiful practice. Continue reading

recipe of semolina cake / basbousa

recipe of semolina cake / basbousa

semolina cake / basbousaLong pending dessert that I was yearning to make and finally I made it with a bang!though it is simple to make the way you do is all that matters and by good luck,it came out as perfect as it should be!moreover it was my first trail.Some times back I saw it in a television show called “food safari” and this recipe was re-telecast-ed so many times which boosted my eagerness to try this recipe! it reminded me of the Indian dessert “Rava kesari”of-course it was not the same and to be precise basbousa has its own uniqueness of flavour. Continue reading