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indian boondi raita recipe

indian boondi raita recipe

boondi raita/pachidi(Indian)Boondi raita are irresistible to keep away from!they are powerfully simple and easy.Its not a must that “you” have to make boondi for it and then make a raita,nowadays near by grocery stores always have a stock of it!so it is as simple as that! totally a rewarding side dish.Usually this boondi raita is done by soaking the boondi for some time in warm water and then added to raita mixture,but I have added as such! by this all the flavor from the boondi goes directly to the raita. Continue reading

carrot chutney indian recipe /marudhuskitchen

carrot chutney indian recipe

carrot chutney recipeAnother vegetable of great significance in the groove are the carrots!!kids always love food to be presented to them in a more interesting way which becomes even more challenging for us(mothers)not only carrots any veggie given to kids should be arousing some curiosity otherwise they will always find a good justification to avoid them. Continue reading