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eggless sweet bun recipe /tea buns(burger)/dinner rolls

eggless sweet bun recipe /tea buns/dinner rolls

eggless sweet bun recipeSome years before fondness for ordinary sweet buns were maximal that even petty tea shops will always have a regular stock of it.I have always had a special liking for these spongy soft buns.After a satisfying nap my mind always longs for a hot cup of tea with these special tea buns.Dipping each bite of bun into a hot cup of tea then slowly gulping even the last bit  is such a pleasure to enjoy.My fil(father in law)still is a big fan of these eggless sweet bun recipe Continue reading

shortbread recipe/easy short bread/marudhuskitchen

shortbread recipe/easy short bread

short breadShortbread is a type of cookie or biscuit and is a great tea time snack . These short breads have bready nature with crumbly texture.The basic  shortbread recipe contains only three ingredients sugar,flour and butter using this many variations can be made . Here I have added apple and khova for the dough as a variation.Am not that much familiar with short breads before and I had just heard the word through books and media’s , so I was in an urge  learning more about it and ready for the research . Continue reading

Recipe for eggless chocolate muffins/eggless muffins recipe-marudhuskitchen

Recipe for eggless chocolatemuffins/eggless muffins

CHOCOLATE-MUFFINS This is the recipe for eggless chocolate muffins . You will think what? ‘MUFFINS’ , I have not heard  it before(this is for those who don’t know the term ‘muffins’). Anyway  I will explain the difference between muffin and a cupcake as far as I know.Muffins is a type of bread which can be both sweet and savory , and cupcake are like cakes that are baked in cups . It is not sweet as cupcakes and that’s why muffins comes under bread family. Continue reading