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how to make chocolate cornflake cookies recipe/marudhuskitchen

how to make chocolate cornflake cookies

chocolate cornflake cookiesThese chocolatey cookies has a piercing smell that you will never be able to ignore.We can’t always say chocolates are only kids goods and should only be loved by them.Even elders love them.My mummy is a great chocolate lover,till date she loves to overindulge chocolates in any form.These chocolate cornflake cookies is an extreme easy peasy cookie to make.No complicated ingredients to put in. Continue reading

recipe for aloo bhujia /potato sev/bateta gathiya

recipe for aloo bhujia /potato sev

recipe for aloo bhujia /potato sevIt’s a revised version of omapodi presented with tang and zing never to be missed as a tea time snack.Whenever there is a chance to relish a cup of this bhujia’s a hot cup of tea or coffee is a must.Enjoying bhujia’s are really the best time to die for.Its favorite kids snack that can be made easily at home.Never use to make this aloo bhujia as frequently as I use to make Omapodi.When I was referring various food blogs and books some of them call for adding mint leaves but have not tried it and kept this recipe for aloo bhujia simple without it. Continue reading

masala corn snack recipe /spicy/easy sweetcorn

masala corn snack recipe /spicy/easy sweetcorn

masala corn snack recipeIam too tempted to post this masala corn snack recipe cause it is very close to my heart kind of comfort food though it may sound simple.Sweetcorn have become a versatile ingredient that can be incorporated in any Indian type of cooking. Kids like corn for its sweet, juicy and beautiful crunchy texture.Every nook and corner of the road here has a small stall selling these masala corn snack recipe piping hot with whole lot of different flavors.My children love to haveĀ  it as chilly masala corn than chat masala flavored one. Continue reading

cream of celery soup recipe /marudhuskitchen

cream of celery soup recipe /marudhuskitchen

cream of celery soup recipe /marudhuskitchenMost of the restaurants here serve only selected kind of soups as starters like sweet corn soup,veg-non-veg clear-soups to name a few though the lists are endless.Soups are served as starters to induce hunger and for boosting your immune system.Soups may be creamy,thin or chunky but each one serves a purpose.If thick and chunky then you will be in no need of taking more food after it.Some clear and light soups are mostly hunger inducing soups served before a meal.This cream of celery soup recipe is really a Continue reading

homemade marshmallow recipe /marudhuskitchen

homemade marshmallow recipe

homemade marshmallow recipeMy son Charan was playing at his dear friend Shibu’s house when he returned home he wanted to convey something to me.His face was filled with surprise and impatience.He said with all excitement that shibu’s aunt did “homemade marshmallow (s) all by herself.Charan enjoyed marshmallows done there at shibu’s place and he requested me if I can try it for him. When I see these marshmallows in recipe books and stores I would think it will be never a homemade job Continue reading