Strawberry frozen yogurt recipe/with choc chips and walnuts

Strawberry frozen yogurt recipe/with choc chips and walnuts

STRAWBERRY FROZEN YOGURTI was not aware that a frozen dessert will be a great re placer for an ice-cream and “it is” for my children this summer.I was in research for new innovative summer desserts and came to learn about frozen yogurt.This word”frozen yogurt” is really new to me and have never heard a word about it before.In India yogurt or curd is an inevitable common ingredient.Our lunch time is never complete without curd at the end. Continue reading

Amla juice/gooseberry juice preparation/Nellikai juice

Nellikai juice/gooseberry juice preparation

GOOSEBERRY JUICEThe surprising “sweet taste” you will get after a bitter and sour bite of an Amla fruit is just miraculous.Gooseberry fruit is filled with lots of healthy richness which makes it an important fruit in Ayurveda.Extreme water content in it makes it more succulent and juicy. It can be dried,juiced or can be had as such with all its awesome uniqueness.I tried to add ginger for this gooseberry juice preparation and I was surprised that it tasted more or less like a sugarcane juice.

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