south indian kuzhambu recipes for rice /kulambu/gravies for rice

south indian kuzhambu recipes for rice /kulambu/gravies for rice


south indian kuzhambu recipes for rice /kulambu/gravies for riceIf you are a South-Indian then these gravies becomes a key for lunch.Each day is different with different kuzhambu’s  making food more interesting and delicious.Repeating one or two kuzhambu day by day or making the very same sambar or gravy will definitely be boring .Here in South India each region has their own specialty gravies and kuzhambu’s which are incredible and a land mark dish to that particular region. There are limitless variations of kuzhambu’s that can be done and this is my humble try to list out some lips-making kulambu’s . Check out these 10 south indian kuzhambu recipes for rice,hope its useful for my readers..

south indian kuzhambu recipes for rice /kulambu/gravies for rice

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1.Manathakkali puli kuzhambu
2.Pumpkin puli kulambu
3.Paruppu urundai kuzhambu
4.Pithukku paruppu kuzhambu
5.Pavakkai puli kulambu
6.Ennai kathrikkai kulambu
7.Karivepillai kuzhambu
8.Vellai pusani mor kuzhambu
9.Radish/mullangi sambar
10.Kadalai paruppu kootu curry


pavakkai puli kuzhambu recipe (kulambu without coconut)manathakkali kulambu recipe (vatha kuzhambu)

pachai mochai payaru kuzhambu /mochaikottaiennai kathirikkai kuzhambu

paruppu urundai kuzhamburecipe of pumpkin curry /Puli Kuzhambu

mor kulambu recipe with ash gourdkadala kootu curry recipe /kadalai paruppu kootu for rice

curry leaves kuzhambu recipe /karuveppilai kuzhamburadish sambar south indian



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