How to make thattu vadai recipe/thattai diwali recipe


See this little yellow discs rolling out of the mountain.We will see How to make thattuvadai/thattai Diwali recipe.It is very easy to do if we have enough patience.Proportions are important for this snack.If we add more butter then it will disintegrate in oil and every thing will be a waste.

Be careful when adding butter.I have given correct proportion ,if you follow it correctly the result will be great.Rice flour should be fresh (if it is store-bought should check the expiry date)The dough should be in correct consistency otherwise it will absorb oil.when I tried this thattai for the first time it didn’t come out very well ,but nowadays
i am able to do without any mistakes.Keep the flame high at the beginning then reduce to medium flame after the oil is hot.
Thattai or thattu vadai recipe is a great tea time snack.Beginners should start doing with minimum amount,if it turns out well then go for large batches.In Karnataka they add pottukadalai instead of urad dhal  which is called nippatu.

How to make thattu vadai recipe/thattai -diwali- recipe

How to make thattu vadai recipe/thattai -diwali- recipe


  • Riceflour - 1cup
  • Urad dhal powder(roasted) - 11/2 tsp
  • Asafoetida - 1/2 tsp
  • Chilli powder - 1tsp
  • curry leaves - few
  • Salt - as needed
  • Bengal gram dhal (soaked) - 11/4 tsp
  • Butter - 11/4 tsp
  • Oil-for frying


  1. put all ingredients in a bowl.
  2. make a dough like this
  3. press in between polythene sheets and rest on a paper or cloth.
  4. fry it in oil.

If you want you can add sesame seeds. Adjust the flame from low -medium flame while frying. A round dabbara can be used for pressing. store it in air tight container.



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  1. prabha

    I followed yr instruction to do thattai , it came out well. It needs a lot of patience. Some easy recipes I expect from yr blog

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